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Pickering, Canada

About the program

The Game – Development program from Centennial College concentrates on the practical applications of the game production process from the artistic, managerial and technical sides, the program will introduce you to 2D and 3D design processes and foundations of computer programming.

You’ll also learn to communicate with teams of artists and programmers to design effectively, prototype and iterate their own fully playable 2D and 3D games, and gain other professional and personal skills for success in the industry.

Program Highlights

  • A unique focus on mobile game development will help you excel in a rapidly growing market.
  • You’ll learn the skills to make games, from art and creative design to the fundamentals of software coding.
  • Individually or as a part of a team, you’ll develop, prototype and iterate fully playable games.
  • Intensive professional development will help you find your niche in this thriving industry.

Career Prospects

Career Outlook

  • Junior Game Designer
  • Web Game Developer
  • Video Game Developer
  • 3D Designer

Areas of Employment

Graduates would be well placed to find employment in vibrant “Indie” game studios, Triple-A game studios, animation studios, digital media companies and serious/educational game companies. Graduates would also be well equipped to pursue entrepreneurial game start-ups.

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